The Tan Kids

Arwen (Cat), Ashes (Cat), Glory (Dog), (Dog), Peyton (Cat), Rosalynn (Dog), Scarlett (Cat)

Lycos @ Yosemite May 2005, Our last picture:  March 4, 2006 Lycos's Memorial Service
Lycos's Memorial Stone & Lizard Lush Dog! Glory with a toy!  It's a First!
1st Picture of Rosalynn Ready for my closeup... At Daddy's Office w/ my cow...
I'm too cute...2 months Wrestling with Glory Rosalynn @ 3 months
She sits on command... Rosalynn @ 4 months Resting...5 months
Rosalynn and Glory I see you...I'm NOT POSSESSED! ARWEN April 2006
Ashes & Peyton May 2006 Kitty Scarlett O'Hara Aug 2006 Rosalynn @ 6 months